Articles by Sarah Mesle


A Braid of One’s Own

Entertainment Weekly has released a series of photographs anticipating the next season of Game of Thrones. While previously anticipation for Season 5 had circled around questions such as “Is that one bad thing really going to happen to Cersei?” and “What will Tyrion do once he gets out of that box?”, I think it’s quite clear…


Imaginary Idols Redux

Yesterday, March 27, 2014, NBCUniversal announced that Television Without Pity would be shut down, effective April 4, 2014. There is a lot to be said about TWoP’s role in developing the critical voice of enthusiasm with which many of us still speak about the popular culture we love (and love to hate). And, beyond its larger cultural significance, TWoP was…


Lady Professor Conference Fashions

The last question was the hardest: “But what should I wear?” I was on a professionalization panel for graduate students, brought in to discuss protocols and strategies for attending academic conferences.  “Well,” I answered.  “Deciding what to wear is really hard. ” Probably it shouldn’t be hard.  After all, if there’s any place when the…