Avidly specializes in short-form critical essays devoted to thinking and feeling about culture. We publish weekly, featuring fresh perspectives, whether academic or otherwise, on everything from theory and literature to the cultural mores of gender, sports, politics and entertainment. As its name suggests, Avidly responds to literature and culture by blending critical rigor with enthusiasm. We welcome submissions and pitches!


Sarah Blackwood and Sarah Mesle founded Avidly in 2012, partly in response to our sense that the slow, deep learning carried out by scholars had a too-narrow range of creative outlets, but also, let’s be honest, as a venue for smart Twilight and Adam Lambert content.

from the Avidly archive
from the Avidly archive

In 2014, Avidly became a part of the Los Angeles Review of Books Channels Project.  LARB Channels are a community of wholly independent, vanguard online magazines specializing in literary criticism, politics, science, the arts and culture, supported by the Los Angeles Review of Books.

In 2016, Avidly launched a short book series, Avidly Reads, published by NYU Press.






Sarah Mesle is Editor at Large at the Los Angeles Review of Books, where from 2013-2016 she was the Senior Humanities Editor. She is writing faculty at the University of Southern California.  She a regular contributor to LARB’s “Dear Television” column. In addition to LARB, her writing has appeared in venues such as Studies in American FictionIndiewire, Talking Points Memo, and, also, Self and InStyle magazines.

Sarah Blackwood researches and teaches nineteenth-century American literature and visual culture and is associate professor of English and director of the American Studies Program at Pace University. She has also written about contemporary American popular culture for various publications, including The Awl, The Hairpin, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Television Without Pity.

Together, they are: Sarahs.