Thank you for your interest!

Avidly is current able to read a limited number of pitches! (Our time is very limited by pandemic/home school/etc conditions).  Before you pitch, here are some guidelines to consider.

Note: There is a global pandemic; there is revolution in the air! These things are vitally important to living right now; however, Avidly prefers pieces that center on the object or experience of Avidity itself. 

1: Avidly is about writing with intense eagerness! We want pieces that don’t simply notice in a disinterested or abstracted way, but bring a sense of presence and curiosity to their subject. We  should know why you care, and what form your caring takes.

2: The sweet spot of Avidly is the intersection of  “really smart” and “really fun” and “really felt.” Not all pieces need to be all three but why not go for it? The iconic Avidly voice has been “talking to your smartest, funniest friend in a bar” but you can also consider “talking to your dearest friend while lying on your back in a pool,” “talking to your favorite coolest 15yo cousin while driving to a family picnic,” “early morning confessional outraged group text,” all as great examples of the Avidly experience.

3: The best Avidly pieces are pleasurable to write; this makes them pleasurable to read.

Avidly is channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books, and we recommend checking out all the different options the LARB umbrella offers. Here is a link to the LARB masthead, with all section editors and their emails. Email Sarah[at] to submit to Avidly, if you think Avidly is the best fit.

For Beginners!

We love to hear from people who are new to internet writing! Here are some style tips we recommend:

  • Go for concrete (even proper) nouns as the subjects of your sentences
  • Avoid overusing the verb “to be”
  • Look out for passive voice and over use of prepositional phrases
  • When in doubt, cut the first paragraph. Get to the jugular!