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50 Band Names for Ladies of a Certain Age

1.Stone Temple Pilates
2. Pussyhat Riot
3. Grandmaster Hot Flash
4. Culture Book Club
5. Vampire Girls’ Weekend
6. Superchunk-y Necklace
7. Parliament Fun-Scarf-Kadelic
8. Lydia Brunch
9. Def Leppard-print Purse
10. Hole Foods
11. New Order from Amazon Prime
12. Cardigan B
13. Whoo, Rosé! Tang Clan
14. The Cure? I Hear CBD Helps
15. Skinny Latte Puppy
16. Fleet Silver Foxes
17. Growing Pumpkins
18. The Caftan and Chenille
19. Bonnie Raitt Your Uber Driver
20. Jimmy Fertility Cliff
21. The Mighty Mighty Earthtones
22. Dr. Dre is Really Very Good But It’s Hard to Get an Appointment
23. The Hemorrhoid Surfers
24. NSYNC with My Teenage Daughter
25. Expensive Indigenous Smock of Seagulls

26. Cat Lady Stevens
27. Joan Jett and the Black Pants that Still Fit
28. Depress Mode
29. Plan-It Jackson
30. Kvetch Against the Machine
31. Alice Chicken Cooper
32. Neutral Almond Milk Hotel
33. Lorde, I’m Exhausted
34. Macy’s Gray Sale
35. Shawl and Oates
36. Katy Sperry
37. Frauhaus
38. Red Lobster Cult
39. Pat BenaTarget
40. Earth Wind & Fun Fake Fur
41. Spandex Ballet
42. Sciatic Nirvana
43. Spin Class Doctors
44. The Black-Eyed Sneeze-Pees
45. Mall of Voodoo
46. Lululemonheads
47. UB50
48. Joy Subdivision
49. Creedence Smartwater Revival
50. Alice in Chains Just Doesn’t Love the Edgy Stuff Any More and Would Rather Snuggle and Watch The Crown

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