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Llama Think Pieces We Had Hoped You Would Pitch Us


“The Oscar for Best Supporting Llama Goes To…”

“Doogie Llama, MD”


“BDSMllama: Feminism at a Crossroads”

“Llama Neutrality”

“Llama in the Heather: Top Ten 90s Indie Rock Songs That Should Be About Llamas”

“Black Llama TO THE FRONT”

“Teenage Llamas”

“Riot Grrl Feminism, Neoliberalism, and Animality: Llamas and Lana (del Rey)”

“Black Llama and White Llama Really Codified the 90s Alt-Rock Bass Style, I’d Say”

“His long white fur camoflauged his face, and he seemed to like it that way”– an excerpt from the tell-all new memoir Girl in a Llama”

“Llama Pipeline!”

“WHAT COLOR IS THIS LLAMA: Taylor Swift Weighs In!”

“17 Things Only People Who See the Black Llama Will See”

“Why I Don’t Write about Llamas for Free”

“This Might Explain Why That Llama Looks Blue”

“Here’s Why We Don’t See the Same Lllamas”

“One Girl Explains the Science Behind the Llamas (Hint: It’s not What You Think!)”

“The Llamas are Black and Blue, Says the Girl Who Originally Wore Them”


Sarah and Sarah: Team Llama

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  1. By the way, I don’t think these are llamas. Llamas are bigger, have longer necks and have long, banana shaped ears. These are probably alpacas. Alpacas have smaller straight ears. Their fur covers more of their bodies. To me, alpaca look like sheep with stretched out necks.


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