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Llama Think Pieces We Had Hoped You Would Pitch Us


“The Oscar for Best Supporting Llama Goes To…”

“Doogie Llama, MD”


“BDSMllama: Feminism at a Crossroads”

“Llama Neutrality”

“Llama in the Heather: Top Ten 90s Indie Rock Songs That Should Be About Llamas”

“Black Llama TO THE FRONT”

“Teenage Llamas”

“Riot Grrl Feminism, Neoliberalism, and Animality: Llamas and Lana (del Rey)”

“Black Llama and White Llama Really Codified the 90s Alt-Rock Bass Style, I’d Say”

“His long white fur camoflauged his face, and he seemed to like it that way”– an excerpt from the tell-all new memoir Girl in a Llama”

“Llama Pipeline!”

“WHAT COLOR IS THIS LLAMA: Taylor Swift Weighs In!”

“17 Things Only People Who See the Black Llama Will See”

“Why I Don’t Write about Llamas for Free”

“This Might Explain Why That Llama Looks Blue”

“Here’s Why We Don’t See the Same Lllamas”

“One Girl Explains the Science Behind the Llamas (Hint: It’s not What You Think!)”

“The Llamas are Black and Blue, Says the Girl Who Originally Wore Them”


Sarah and Sarah: Team Llama

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