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Kanye West Presents: Dune

On June 18th, Alejandro Jodorowsky released, via twitter, this picture. It is our hope that as a result of this meeting, Kanye West may have been convinced that Dune is the ultimate in artistic achievement. Perhaps, like Jodoworosky, West will not need to read the book to understand Herbert’s vision and the world of Arrakis. Perhaps he will be struck by his own interpretation of it.

You already know Dune: a feudal society settled among the stars, rife with political intrigue, mystical drugs, and giant alien worms. Now imagine that world represented entirely by the performer who Kanye loves best.


Kanye as Navigator

Immersed in a tank of melange, but instead of the grotesque blimps shown in previous incarnations of Herbert’s space pilots, we see Kanye, incandescent, steering his spice-soaked body through time and space to safely guide ships.

Kanye as Navigator



Kanye as St. Alia of the Knife.

Kanye knows about the voices in your head.

Kanye as Alia


Kanye as a wildcard Duncan Idaho.

The scene where Idaho is brought in, drunkenly accusing Jessica of being a Harkonnen spy. Kanye will also be playing Jessica, so imagine that face-off, and revel in it.

Kanye as Duncan



Kanye as Gurney Halleck.

Kanye-as-Gurney, playing ballads, training himself-as-Paul and never forgetting that revenge on Harkonnens is everything. Flashbacks of Gurney’s time on Salusa Secundus will be intense. That that don’t kill you…

Kanye as Piter



Kanye as Yueh.

The poor flickering doctor, subverted by the Baron to betray his Duke for a promise of love restored.

Kanye as Yueh



Kanye as Feyd-Rautha.  

Feyd is all flash and subterfuge without self-awareness. Kanye will showcase the deliberate calculation of House Harkonnen’s intended heir.

Kanye as Feyd



Kanye as Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam.

The old crone, anticipating the result of generations of selective breeding, believing she controls the coming of the Kwisatz Haderach and finally realizing: nope. Plus, Kanye using the Weirding Way when he’s in Bene Gesserit mode and stopping men in their tracks.

Kanye as Gaius Helen



Kanye as Shaddam.

Really, the entire court of Shaddam as imagined by Kanye West. His sneering disdain when Paul and the Fremen enter the traveling palace. His costumes.

kanye as shaddam


Kanye as Baron Harkonnen.

The explosive rage, the lust: the Baron has Feelings and Plans Within Plans. Also, the pontification. Dude loves speeches. This calls for a bold performance, but I think Kanye can pull off a baron that isn’t a total caricature.


Kanye as Harkonnen



Kanye as Irulan.

I kind of wanted Kim as Irulan, but I want Kanye-as-Irulan more, commenting on Kanye-as-Paul’s rise to messiahdom with that respect tinged with sadness. Also, I believe in Kim & Kanye, and she should really be Chani but that would *never* happen, so she’s not allowed in at all. Sorry, Kim.

Kanye as Irulan


Kanye as Stilgar.

Kanye-as-Stilgar will show how smoothly the Fremen leader accepts Paul into the sietch. He’s the ultimate second in command, subsuming his ego for the good of the Fremen, and possibly requiring the most acting from Kanye.

Kanye as Stilgar



Kanye as Leto I.

Respected, feared, loved, Kanye-as-Leto doesn’t misunderstand naivete for honor. (Sorry, Ned Stark.) The Atreides code is strength and discipline, with a shrewd understanding of public perception. Kanye as a fallen Duke, using his last bit of energy against the Baron. Tragic.

Kanye as Leto I



Kanye as Jessica.

Wow, Jessica. She gives a giant middle finger to her sisterhood, and handles unspeakable loss by moving forward. Herbert’s obsession with the difference between feminine and masculine is palpable in just about every female character, but Jessica stands apart. I know she can’t look within but if a woman were able to be Kwisatz Haderach, she’d be it.

Kanye as Jessica 1



Finally, Kanye as Paul.

A man who elevates himself into a messiah, knowing the full consequences of his actions. Kanye-as-Paul, riding a worm for the first time. Kanye-as-Paul, enduring the gom jabbar. Kanye-as-Paul, seeing visions of all possible futures and trying desperately to avoid the inevitable jihad.

Kanye as Paul 1



Most readers have resigned themselves to the idea that Dune seems to be unfilmable, so until this dreamcast is possible, this writer will settle for a concept album.


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