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Thoughts for Boston

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Avidly’s thoughts are with Boston and with all those who work to protect civic space (throughout the world) from violence and fear.

To Give:

Consider donations on behalf of Boston’s neediest, who, in any tragedy, often suffer the most: Pine Street Inn or the Home for Little Wanderers.

Consider donations on behalf of Boston’s public spaces (there are many; here are just two): Friends of the Public Garden or Boston Museum of Fine Art 

To Read:

The Gurgling Cod‘s montage of Boston excellence.

On the Boston Marathon, its (new) scars, and the memory of Kathrine Switzer.

Patton Oswalt’s reminder.

To Do:

Donate blood (now, or maybe in a month or two; it will still be needed).

Learn how to be, as one might say, “a helper.”

Inhabit and celebrate the public space around you.

Go for a run.






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