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Selected with Morgan Fahey.

“Even with his soul, he can be an intolerable jerk. But he is a little bit better than the full-time Evil Ones. And that’s about as good as it’s going to get for us, on Earth, for now.” The Theology of ‘Angel’ in the City of Demons.

“[Y]ou’re the girl who told me, on the last day of school, to go fuck myself. And I’m the guy that deserved it.” An Open Letter to the Girl I Pretended To Have a Crush On in Eighth Grade.

While we prefer the literary arts, we have occasionally run into a Scumbag Analytic Philosopher.

1988: We’re Number One!
2013: We’re Number 16!
Where To Be Born

“They say and recently got one what they want them. Gibberish feces baffles dung greeted me greeted my mumbo jumbo I mumbo jumbo, mumbo I gibberish is attack me mumbo jumbo to me I drivel is they I baffles me is mumbo jumbo I gibberish gibberish I moved my lips greeted my gibberish I greeted my gibberish feces mumbo jumbo I out nothing but gibberish, comes a bunch of right. They forgot about Dre Motherfuckers.” If you enjoyed playing with last week’s n+7 machine, you may want to have a Translation Party.

land octopus
“a single, favourite species for land-based beastliness”

Cartography’s Favourite Map-Monster: The Land Octopus



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