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Brad Farwell in the New York Times Magazine

“The checking themselves out wasn’t about ego. It was more of an appraisal. They were sort of looking at themselves as they really were.”

Admit it — you wondered about this too. When did humans realize that sex makes babies?

The History of Sarah and Sarah Tina and Amy’s Best Friendship

A golden oldie, This Be Close Reading:

 To fuck something up is to conjure up, or cause to come into existence, by means of fucking.  An example with another common verb will put to rest any doubt: for do we not say that one can whip up a PowerPoint presentation, cookies, or military intelligence, meaning thereby that we will create them by means of whipping, respectively, generic business cliches, eggs & flour, or hapless innocents?  Thus we see that Larkin here refers to nothing more than biological processes at their most crude: they fuck you up, they beget you.

“So we bedbug on, bodices against the current, borne backlog ceaselessly into the past.” The N+7 Machine. (Hat tip: Morgan)



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