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Welcome to Avidly, a summer school experiment, if you will. This is a place to indulge enthusiasm for thinking and feeling about culture. We’ll be publishing Tuesdays and Thursdays until around Labor Day. Equal parts archive fever and incitement to discourse, Avidly was borne out of a desire to preserve some of the conversations we are having across various digital platforms– Facebook, Twitter, one another’s course blogs– as well as a desire to write smart, timely things outside the pressures and glacial pace of peer review. Some of us who write here are academics, some are not. All of us share enthusiasm for conversation and recognition.

If you glance above, you’ll see the six categories that will shape our conversation here. Click on each to read brief descriptions. Each piece will be under 1000 words. It is summer after all; we’re dressing down. We absolutely welcome submissions.

photo by Roger Kisby

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