We welcome pitches and submissions! We mostly publish pieces under 1000 words; if you are interested in writing for Avidly take some time to go through our archives to see the sort of work we favor. Avidly’s official editorial position is usually “cut the first paragraph.” Send your ideas and writing through this contact form (cut and paste your proposed piece into the text box):

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More detailed pitch and submission guidelines to come, but let us note here that if you are interested in writing about a television show, pitch us your piece before the show finishes airing. We get a lot of pitches for pieces about television shows….a week after the season finale. Those pieces don’t get the audience they deserve, because by that time the internet is busy chasing some other ball on the far end of the dog park. We understand that this poses some challenges for regular entertainment citizens, who might not have access to screeners, but we trust that you can make this work.


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