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Writing Blocked

A dear friend of mine swears by her “units.”  She organizes her thinking/writing/teaching life into a series of 45-minute units that collectively add up to something like a productive day.  I marvel at her steadfast commitment to her system and ability to balance the aforementioned demands under which we both labor and commiserate.  For the…


Your Favorite Band Sucks

Few pleasures are as intoxicating as arguing with the people you love.  I’m not talking about fighting–not about conflict nor heartbreak nor even genuine friction.  I’m talking about spirited disagreement.  I’m talking about dropping something you adore at the feet of someone you also adore and then watching them kick it.  Yet, miraculously, instead of…



Call him Michael Bergin. In a video that went viral earlier this week after he posted it to his Facebook page, a Massachusetts man and his friend—the relatively silent Jay—encounter Leviathan in the waters off Boston. Lolling on the surface of the water, an immense, disc-shaped creature with fins pitched and flapped. “Holy shit what…