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Close Reading

Good, Giving, and Generously Spiced

"Dickinson pushes this hoary old school aesthetics aside somewhat, seeing the beautiful as part of, rather than apart from, the moist, the sticky, and the generously spiced."

Notes on 100 Gecs

100 Gecs sounds like the internet. When I saw them play live at Berkeley’s Cornerstone in November, 2019, I had the strange feeling that...

Dickinson Variations

"Many of us have our own variations on Emily Dickinson."

My Queer Life According to Schitt’s Creek

In a mostly-repressed earlier era in my family’s collective life (the mid-1990s), my parents experienced some professional-financial reversals and decamped from relative suburban splendor...

Jane Austen Was Not Fucking Around about Home School

This fall, white America is in the throes of (yet another, but hopefully broader) awakening to its own history and present of white supremacist...

A Novel for the Plague Years

When the Spanish Influenza comes on stage in William Maxwell’s 1937 novel They Came Like Swallows, the family at the heart of the book...