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Adapting Zelda: Reflecting on Therese Anne Fowler’s Z

A novel titled “Z” should eventually, if not immediately, make the reader think of one of the more famous and talented American literary wives. Therese Anne Fowler’s novel successfully—for the most part—retells the energetic, tense two decades of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s relationship. Published in a year that’s seen several adaptations of the Fitzgeralds as…


On Rereading

At first, I took him at his word. “I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known,” Nick Carraway notes in The Great Gatsby. When I began teaching—and rereading—the novel, I noticed his hypocrisy: for instance, his inclination to “reserve all judgments”…while being especially snobbish and critical. And, who is “that…