Articles by George Estreich

George Estreich’s publications include a poetry chapbook, Elegy for Dan Rabinowitz (Intertext, 1993); a full-length collection of poems, Textbook Illustrations of the Human Body, which won the Gorsline Prize from Cloudbank Books (2003); and The Shape of the Eye, a memoir about raising a daughter with Down syndrome. Published originally in SMU Press’s Medical Humanities Series, The Shape of the Eye both tells Laura’s story and explores the nuances of the way we talk about Down syndrome, tracing our patterns of misconception back to the condition’s discovery and naming. The Shape of the Eye won the 2012 Oregon Book Award for Creative Nonfiction, and is now available as a paperback and e-book from Tarcher/Penguin. Since completing The Shape of the Eye, Estreich has written extensively about disability, biotechnology, and culture, with essays and articles published in The New York Times, Salon, Tin House online, and Biopolitical Times, the blog of the Center for Genetics and Society. He lives in Oregon with his family, where he teaches in Oregon State University’s School of Literature, Writing, and Film.


For Alison

Last October, I read about a friend’s cancer prognosis in the New York Times: When I had my first surgery six years ago, the medical team was hopeful. It looked as if I was going to make it for a few years. Then a year ago, I had another surgery. When Brian was sitting with…