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Essays that we, as ladies of early middle age, would like to see written*

  “Witty Meeting Comebacks that Indicate Your Displeasure While Concealing the (Professionally Discrediting) Whirling Dervish of Your Rage” “Throwing Money at Problems: A Justification” “Is This Sex Position Degrading or Just Uncomfortable?” “Age-Concealing Procedures: Talking to Someone While Pretending They Haven’t Had One, or, Injectables: Agreeing to Disagree” “Strangely Funny Moments in The House of…

Thoughts for Boston

    Avidly’s thoughts are with Boston and with all those who work to protect civic space (throughout the world) from violence and fear. To Give: Consider donations on behalf of Boston’s neediest, who, in any tragedy, often suffer the most: Pine Street Inn or the Home for Little Wanderers. Consider donations on behalf of…