Things That Male Academics Have Said To Me

Are you familiar with Foucault?

I think it’s really great, professionally, that you don’t want to have kids.

You’re always so dressed up.

Sometimes you come across as a little abrupt.

Can you afford to go on research leave for a full year?

Do you know Rancière? You should read him.

I just don’t have time to worry about what I wear.

You come across as sort of masculine, both in your scholarship and your demeanor.

You can’t really understand monarchy because you’re American.

I like your summer outfit.

You’re so energetic all the time.

Do you know who Adam Gopnik is?

Don’t wear yourself out.

I had this amazing professor when I was in college, and he couldn’t have cared less what he looked like. It was great.

You always come across as so cheery.

Do you know The Arcades Project?

Of course I consider myself a feminist.


Susan Harlan: Road-tripper and collector of things she doesn’t need. @nostalgicbroad