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Marx Men?

Could we read Mad Men as Marxist? If we could, why would it matter? Of course, Mad Men does not consist of a single extended thesis about culture, let alone political economy. But through its very medium as televised fiction, and in its unprecedented investment in the ways that visual detail shapes story and character, the…

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A Braid of One’s Own

Entertainment Weekly has released a series of photographs anticipating the next season of Game of Thrones. While previously anticipation for Season 5 had circled around questions such as “Is that one bad thing really going to happen to Cersei?” and “What will Tyrion do once he gets out of that box?”, I think it’s quite clear…


Of Hashtags and Home

The Department of Justice released its “Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department” this week. Its findings, once again, raise the call of #blacklivesmatter, Twitter’s form of public protest against public violations—in particular, racist laws and law enforcement.[1] Yet at the heart of #blacklivesmatter is something a bit less public and more private; #blacklivesmatter calls us…

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Llama Think Pieces We Had Hoped You Would Pitch Us

  “The Oscar for Best Supporting Llama Goes To…” “Doogie Llama, MD” “#Notallllamas” “BDSMllama: Feminism at a Crossroads” “Llama Neutrality” “Llama in the Heather: Top Ten 90s Indie Rock Songs That Should Be About Llamas” “Black Llama TO THE FRONT” “Teenage Llamas” “Riot Grrl Feminism, Neoliberalism, and Animality: Llamas and Lana (del Rey)” “Black Llama…