Looking Backward

More than most movies, Back to the Future (1985) begs to be revisited: the movie and its two sequels (released in 1989 and 1990) are obsessed with repetition, re-viewing, and revision. The year 2015 also marks the very “future” promised by the trilogy—its furthest leap forward in time—a moment eagerly (very eagerly) awaited by fans. In…

Tribulation Periwinkle

White Womanhood Revised

Whatever else we might say about it, let’s not forget this: Rachel Dolezal’s story is a decidedly American one. Here, I refer not only to story of Dolezal’s racial passing, but also to how Dolezal’s story triggers and reveals America’s racial fascinations. Whatever Dolezal’s motives or ethics, our scrutiny of Dolezal’s race echoes a long history…