arya SV

A Braid of One’s Own

Entertainment Weekly has released a series of photographs anticipating the next season of Game of Thrones. While previously anticipation for Season 5 had circled around questions such as “Is that one bad thing really going to happen to Cersei?” and “What will Tyrion do once he gets out of that box?”, I think it’s quite clear…


Of Hashtags and Home

The Department of Justice released its “Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department” this week. Its findings, once again, raise the call of #blacklivesmatter, Twitter’s form of public protest against public violations—in particular, racist laws and law enforcement.[1] Yet at the heart of #blacklivesmatter is something a bit less public and more private; #blacklivesmatter calls us…

baby llamas

Llama Think Pieces We Had Hoped You Would Pitch Us

  “The Oscar for Best Supporting Llama Goes To…” “Doogie Llama, MD” “#Notallllamas” “BDSMllama: Feminism at a Crossroads” “Llama Neutrality” “Llama in the Heather: Top Ten 90s Indie Rock Songs That Should Be About Llamas” “Black Llama TO THE FRONT” “Teenage Llamas” “Riot Grrl Feminism, Neoliberalism, and Animality: Llamas and Lana (del Rey)” “Black Llama…