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Not Kosher

A three-week-old tweet about Taylor Swift’s supposedly giant vagina by Jennifer Mayers, a Baton Rouge woman describing herself as Christian Trump supporter, received fresh traction yesterday. The tweet is probably a joke — targeting the outlandish misogyny of Donald Trump and (in some people’s minds) evangelical Christianity — but it comes off because most people, even…


Of Mothers and Migraines; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Read Oliver Sacks

My mother gives me a headache.  It would appear, also, that she gave me headaches.  When I spoke with a neurologist last winter about the increasingly frequent migraines I was having, I told him about my mother’s medical history.  He smiled sardonically, one adult survivor of Jewish parents to another, and said, “Well, the good…

But I look good

For Alison

Last October, I read about a friend’s cancer prognosis in the New York Times: When I had my first surgery six years ago, the medical team was hopeful. It looked as if I was going to make it for a few years. Then a year ago, I had another surgery. When Brian was sitting with…