Google and (the) Alphabet

Almost as soon as Google announced that it was becoming Alphabet, the internet exploded with thinkpieces about the entity’s new name. Lowen Liu on Slate titled his piece: “Alphabet Is the Worst Name the New Google Could Have Called Itself.” Why? Because, as Liu writes, the name Alphabet “is banal to a menacing degree, a…

Brass treasury

The Little Brass Treasury of Hate Poems

This summer, Avidly is periodically shifting to a mode better described as Rabidly. This series is curated by Brian Connolly and Lara Langer Cohen, who describe their philosophy of rabidity here.  Ad Homonym (After Mallarmé) Nothing, this poem, this virgin curse, Pronouncing only itself: give up Far-off desires, in which, upending sirens, You drown, inverted…